Course Requirements

Students in the Master’s program in Sustainable Energy must successfully complete a total of 5.0 course credits. Courses must be appropriate to the student’s prior qualifications and selected with the approval of the student’s supervisor. All up to date program requirements can be found on the Graduate Calendar.

Co-op Option for MA and MENG Students

A Co-op option is available to full-time students in both the MA and MENG program. Please note that the MENG option is only available to students starting the program in fall 2020.  Students admitted to this option must satisfactorily complete at least two work terms in order to graduate with co-op designation on their transcripts and diplomas. These work terms are four months in duration and locate students in government departments or other organizations in order to work at a junior officer level. They provide students with opportunities to integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of public administration. During a work term, students will register in the co-op work term courses: PADM 5913 (MA students) or SERG 5913 (MENG students). While on a work term, students are limited to an additional 0.5 credit course. It should be noted that most co-op positions in the federal public service are restricted to Canadian citizens.

For detailed course descriptions, please refer here.