Teaching certificates are an excellent opportunity to develop your skills, engage in discussion with like-minded colleagues and explore your role as an educator in greater depth and detail. At Carleton University, two university wide certificate programs are available to graduate students.

  1. The Certificate in Teaching Assistants Skills: The CTAS certificate is intended for new teachers or individuals who are looking to further develop their skills. It a flexible option with no set end date (you are eligible to register and complete the requirements for as long as you remain a teaching assistant).
    1. Requirements: 10 EDC Credits, 2 response papers, 1 TA Article

PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently registered for CTAS, check cuLearn for new extended deadlines.

  1. Preparing to Teach (PTT): This advanced blended certificate program is intended primarily for PhD candidates who intend to pursue a career in academia. The program is 10 weeks of intensive sessions, face-to-face and online, designed to prepare future faculty to teach their first course.