The Certificate in Teaching Assistant Skills is a voluntary, self-directed program designed to recognize and encourage pedagogical training, as well as to improve the confidence and skills of teaching assistants. The certificate is something you can list on a CV and/or include in your teaching dossier, and is registered with the Co-Curricular Record.

Participants seek out EDC-credited training sessions that are most meaningful to them, both for their current TA assignments and for their long-term development goals. The program requires that you reflect on your training and also that you use it to inform the production of a short contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning. Complete details about all program requirements are provided on the cuLearn page, but in brief, each participant must complete the following elements:


The CTAS program is now housed entirely on a dedicated cuLearn page. To enrol in the program, simply

  • Please note: registration for the 2020-2021 academic year begins September 1st. At that time, please click here to register, and
  • When prompted, enter “CTAS” as the enrolment key password

Once you are inside the cuLearn page, you will have access to all information about the program, including

  • Due dates, instructions, descriptions, and samples for each program element;
  • The submission forms, through which all program elements are submitted; and
  • FAQs about the program and each of its elements.

The new cuLearn platform will allow you to

  • Check your own progress in the program at any time;
  • Seek clarification on any program requirements, via the FAQs, the “Your Questions” forum, and/or by emailing the program coordinator directly;
  • Receive important updates about any program updates or opportunities, or reminders about due dates.

If you registered in the program prior to May 2015, please check your Carleton email inbox for a message on this subject and/or consult this news post.


The cuLearn page provides an exhaustive list of FAQs for each program element and for the program more generally, but a few are provided here for those who have questions they want answered prior to enrolling.

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