The TLS Outstanding TA Award is a university-wide award open to all faculties, and is designed to recognize teaching excellence among Carleton’s teaching assistants (TAs). This award celebrates the support TAs give to the undergraduate programs in their disciplines, their roles in establishing a positive learning environment, and their work in implementing innovative teaching practices. In addition to a certificate and formal recognition on the plaque outside on the fourth floor of Dunton Tower, up to five (5) awards valued at $250 will be given out each year.

Only TAs who have been assigned to a course for the current academic year (fall 2021-winter 2022) are eligible for the Outstanding TA Award

Nomination Process

The call for Outstanding TA Award nominations begins in February. Faculty, contract instructors, peers, staff and students are welcome to nominate the TA they are currently working with or studying under by completing the nomination form. If more than one individual is contributing to the nomination, please collaborate on a single nomination. TAs are also welcome to self-nominate; however, self-nominations without support from other stakeholders (i.e., faculty members and students) will not be considered. Preference will be given to nominees who are nominated by multiple stakeholders.

Finally, the selection committee, comprised of TLS staff, former TA mentors and/ or former winners, will meet to deliberate in March, with award recipients being notified in April.

Outstanding TA Award Past Winners

Congratulations to all past recipients of this award:

2020-2021 Winners

  • Adam Heffernan (FED) – Electrical Engineering
  • Kevin Dick (FED) – Systems and Computer Engineering
  • Brandon Robinson (FED) – Civil Engineerng
  • Collins Ogundipe (FED) – Mech & Aero Department (MAAE)
  • Christina Arruda (Science) – Health: Science, Technology and Policy (HSTP)

2020-2021 Honourable Mentions

  • Callie Metler (FASS) – English
  • Rachel McNally (FPA) – Political Science
  • Cassandra Starosta (FASS) – Forensic Psychology
  • Hamza Sohail (Science) – Computer Science
  • Maddison Brooks (SLALS) – Japanese

Congratulations to all winners and honourable mentions!