Training Options

Introductory (Recommended for 1st year TAs):

Advanced (Recommended for 2nd year & up TAs):

TA Training Model

TA Training at Carleton

Training differs based on your experience level, your comfort level with your assignment of duties and your interest in improving your skills.

The scaffolded model of training employed at Carleton University mirrors the increasingly self-directed and hands-on learning model modeled by academic courses. In the first year TAs require more information and support (similar to first year courses). As they accrue experience and knowledge, second year (and beyond) teaching assistants share their knowledge with peers by taking on a mentor/facilitator role in more hands-on training (similar to third and fourth year courses).  This ensures that as TAs become more experienced and comfortable in their duties, there are always new and flexible training options. It also reinforces the experiences of our teaching assistants and values the contributions that they can make to their peers.

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