Carleton offers a number of training opportunities for its teaching assistants and graduate students, whether you are a TA working towards completing the EDC’s Certificate in Teaching Assistant Skills, your five hours of paid Compliance Training, and/or your five hours of paid Pedagogical Training, or a graduate student who is interested in furthering your professional development.

Choose the training that’s right for you!

Photo is of two students talking to an employee of university. Over the photo is the phrase Compliance Training for TAsClick here if you’re a TA looking to complete your five hours of paid Compliance Training.

Students with their individual laptops being given instruction by standing instructor. Photo has a phrase printed over it saying Pedagogical Traing for TAs Click here if you’re a TA looking to improve your teaching skills while earning your five hours of paid Pedagogical Training (to register for sessions such as workshops and teaching talks, go to Carleton Central).

Please double check your schedule to make sure you will be able to attend this session, which you are currently enrolled in. If you are for whatever reason no longer planning to attend this session, please be sure to deregister so the spot opens up to students on the waitlist.

In general, please be courteous and think of others whenever you register for a workshop. Occupying a spot on the registration list for a session you aren’t planning to attend actively interferes with your fellow TAs’ professional development as well as their completion of their pedagogical training hours.

Photo of young woman standing in front of class with notepages she is reading from. Older man beside her. Photo has a phrase print over it saying Grad Student Professional Development.Click here if you’re a graduate student without a TA assignment hoping to get involved in professional development training, or if you’re a TA looking for still more Pedagogical Training options.

“I attended a training session, but I don’t see it on my TA training transcript.”