1. Teaching and Learning Services Grants
    1. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Grant
    2. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Mini-Grant
    3. Teaching Development Grant
    4. Educational Conference Travel Grant
  2. Carleton University Teaching Grants
    1. Contract Instructor Teaching Innovation Grant

Teaching and Learning Services Grants

The Office of the Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) is pleased to offer four internal grants that have a few interrelated goals:

  • To encourage scholarly activity about teaching and learning at Carleton University;
  • To investigate and experiment with new approaches to teaching and learning, and disseminate evidence-based knowledge about the results;
  • To highlight and validate the importance of educational development for educators’ personal growth and students’ learning.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Grant

This grant provides funding for Carleton’s faculty members and contract instructors to engage in systematic, evidence-based, scholarly investigations of all aspects of teaching and learning in post-secondary context. Research projects in various phases of the development are eligible for funding (e.g. data collection and analyses; manuscript writing and publishing).

There will be three grants for up to $8,000 available annually. Proposals for two consecutive phases of the project of up to $8,000 each may be developed at one time.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Mini-Grant

The SoTL Mini-Grant aims to support small-scale research projects about teaching and learning that will benefit Carleton University’s teaching community, and to encourage sharing and dissemination of research results about teaching and learning among the members of Carleton’s teaching community.

The annual amount for the SoTL Mini-Grants is $5,000. At the discretion of the members of the grant review panel, and depending on the funding requirements of the submitted proposals, this amount can be distributed across qualified projects in equal or differing amounts. The maximum amount per one mini-grant is $1,000.

Teaching Development Grant

This grant was established to allow Carleton’s faculty members and instructors to implement and investigate new approaches to teaching and learning, to further develop their skills as educators, and enhance conversations about teaching and learning across academic units.

The annual amount for the Teaching Development Grants is $7,500. Teaching development projects are funded on a continuous basis, with no specific application deadlines, and limited only by the allocated funds for each fiscal year, on a first-come-first-served basis. Maximum funding per instructor in a given budget year is $1,500.

Educational Conference Travel Grant

Teaching and Learning Services assists in funding some of the travel costs incurred by faculty members, instructors and contract instructors to make scholarly presentations in academic conferences with a focus on teaching and learning (for example, STLHE, CSSHE, and similar).

The funds available may change from year to year. For the 2018-19 fiscal year, the total amount available is $3,500. Faculty members and instructors are eligible for up to $500 per person. Each applicant may hold one travel grant in a single fiscal year.

Carleton University Teaching Grants

Contract Instructor Teaching Innovation Grant

The purpose of the CITI grant is to provide support for investigating student learning and alternative approaches to teaching and assessing student learning at the individual, departmental, Faculty, or institutional levels. The overall aims are to foster deep student learning at Carleton University and promote curiosity, reflection, and exploration in the areas of teaching and learning. There will be one grant presented annually in the amount of up to $6,000.