Teaching and Learning Council

TLS has established a Teaching and Learning Council that is tasked with helping to implement the Teaching and Learning Framework. The council is not an advisory committee, but rather an action-oriented, self-directed group that works on initiatives targeting the overarching goal of enhancing student engagement and promoting learning and success.

The council is made up of members from various departments across Carleton, and includes broad faculty member representation, the Library, the Student Experience Office, CUSA, the GSA, Co-Op and Career Services, Equity Services, Paul Menton Centre, Quality Assurance, and several other teaching and learning stakeholders. This diverse membership highlights the fact that everyone, from students to instructors to staff, has a role to play in the university’s teaching and learning environment.

The members have branched off into five action teams that will meet at various times throughout the term, while the council will meet as a whole one to two times per term.

Action Teams

Pedagogy/Technology and Spaces

  • Beth Hughes (contact person)
  • Peggy Hartwick
  • Patrick Lyons
  • Flavia Renon
  • Cheryl Schramm
  • Alan Steele
  • Mike Barker

Experiential learning

  • Sara Wills (contact person)
  • Jesse Stewart
  • Tiffany Douglas
  • Shannon Butler
  • Mat Schatkowsky
  • Cheryl Harasymchuk

Students’ Engagement and Satisfaction

  • Maria Brocklehurst (contact person)
  • Lauren Folk
  • Kristen Archbell
  • Chantal Dion
  • Boris Vukovic
  • Frank Heney

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

  • Martha Mullally (contact person)
  • Véronic Bézaire
  • Janice Scammell
  • Kim Hellemans

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Andy Thompson (contact person)
  • Catherine Bonier
  • Ikram Jama
  • Jodie Medd
  • Brittany Amell
  • Maristela Petrovic-Dzerdz

Members at large

  • Claudia Buttera
  • Sue Gilmour
  • Gregory MacIsaac
  • Kevin Cheung

High-Impact Practices at Carleton: Conversations with the Teaching and Learning Council

On May 25, the TLC’s action teams invited you to join their conversations on the “wicked issues” facing Carleton’s teaching and learning community. If you missed the event, or if you’re looking for a refresher, you can find a copy of the slides from each of the presentations here.