“One day, as I was writing on the board with my back turned to the class, a paper airplane sailed out of the upper reaches, smacked into the board and fell to the floor. A challenge! I picked it up and looked it over. It was a standard paper airplane made from a piece of 8.5×11 inch paper. I turned to the class and said, ‘You call THIS a paper airplane? You can do better than that!’” – John Chinneck, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Image of Stories of Teaching at Carleton University book cover Courage, Curiosity, Teapots and Snakes: Stories of Teaching at Carleton University is a collection of 67 short stories and reflections of teaching and learning over the years from the perspective of Carleton’s faculty members, contract instructors and teaching staff. The stories are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and often powerful. They are stories about Carleton, but they are also for Carleton.

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Copies of the book are available online, at the Carleton Bookstore or the EDC main office on the fourth floor of Dunton Tower for $25 (tax included). Proceeds from each book after the cost of printing will be donated to Carleton’s Campus Community Campaign Bursary.