1. Self-guided design
    1. Educational technology
    2. Pedagogy
  2. Workshops and community events
  3. “Course Design Express” direct support

As instructors are shifting to online teaching for the Summer 2020 term, we strongly encourage you to take a pragmatic approach. Keeping your approach simple will be easier and allow flexibility for both you and your students.

Given the large number of courses going online this summer at Carleton, we have created three alternatives to our usual course design process:

  1. Self-guided design: Use online resources and guides to create your course
  2. Teaching and learning workshops and community events: Join TLS events and collaborate with colleagues
  3. “Course Design Express” direct support: Consult with experts about aspects of your course

Self-guided design

Educational technology

Below you’ll find some details about educational technology tools that will help you get started on your self-guided design.

Tool Description Support Site
cuLearn The online classroom. Post content and media, send mail and announcements, facilitate forums, create and administer quizzes, give feedback on assignments, and manage grades. Models and exemplars of various activities and assessments are available for viewing on the cuLearn Tools site. cuLearn
cuPortfolio Digital space for students to create and display collections of academic works. Especially powerful for reflective and experiential learning. cuPortfolio
Kaltura Capture Lecture/screen recording tool available to all Carleton University members. Kaltura Capture
BigBlueButton Web conferencing tool for virtual meetings (<100 people). Works best on Chrome browser. BigBlueButton
Microsoft Teams Web conferencing tool for virtual meetings (<10 people). Microsoft Teams
Zoom Web conferencing tool for virtual meetings (groups of up to 300). Zoom

You can find out more information about web conferencing, including best practices and the differences between the tools (BigBlueButton, Microsoft Teams and Zoom) on our Web Conferencing at Carleton page.


Use our Online Course Design Guide to help plan and organize the various elements of your course.

You can also self-enroll in our cuLearn resource site: Online Course Design Express. The site contains a variety of course design related materials, including course templates, (view sample template)  tutorials on learning outcomes and assessments, online design guides, and a community of practice forum.

Workshops and community events

Teaching and Learning Services hosts online workshops and discussions, as well as drop-in sessions that can help with the course design process. The Welcome to My Online Classroom sessions are instructor led discussions with a specific focus on sharing a wide variety of ideas, strategies, and approaches to teaching online. For details about upcoming sessions and to register, visit our Events page.

“Course Design Express” direct support

If you would like to engage directly with our team of designers and developers, we are here to help. Please complete the Course Design Express intake form and we will follow up with you.