Carleton supports a variety of educational technology tools that you can use to help deliver your course online, many of which you might have already used in your face-to-face courses. Explore the different options below to see which ones might best meet your needs.

You can find out more information about web conferencing, including best practices and the differences between the tools (BigBlueButton, Microsoft Teams and Zoom) on our Web Conferencing at Carleton page.

Tool Description Support Site
cuLearn The online classroom. Post content and media, send mail and announcements, facilitate forums, create and administer quizzes, give feedback on assignments, and manage grades. Models and exemplars of various activities and assessments are available for viewing on the cuLearn Tools site. cuLearn
cuPortfolio Digital space for students to create and display collections of academic works. Especially powerful for reflective and experiential learning. cuPortfolio
Kaltura Capture Lecture/screen recording tool available to all Carleton University members. Kaltura Capture
BigBlueButton Web conferencing tool for virtual meetings (<100 people). Works best on Chrome browser. BigBlueButton
Microsoft Teams Web conferencing tool for virtual meetings (<10 people). Microsoft Teams
Zoom Web conferencing tool for virtual meetings (groups of up to 300). Zoom