1. Benefits of participation
  2. Eligibility
  3. Winter term registration (December 15 to January 24)
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Enhancing and translating learning experiences and work-related skills!

Benefits of participation

Students that participate in the FUSION curriculum will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive up to 10-hours of CCR credit to enhance your resume and career portfolio
  • Articulate skills in ways that demonstrate how you can contribute to a positive academic and workplace culture
  • Develop and incorporate communication, problem-solving and metacognition as highlighted skills on your resume and career portfolio
  • Maximize skill set by taking risks, getting feedback and continuing to improve your skills
  • Engage in potential cross-collaborative network work-integrated-learning initiatives

For the winter term, students from the I-CUREUS, SaPP, Act to Employ, Enriched Support Program/ Indigenous Enriched Support Program (ESP/IESP), and the Co-op program who successfully complete all six modules will receive a $100 honorarium and CCR credits. Students who complete the six modules as part of a credited course are eligible to receive CCR credits.

Although designed as a self-learning online resource, FUSION students can participate in additional programming. In collaboration with Career Services, EDC, SEO and other units on campus, Carleton offers additional workshops, drop-in sessions and career portfolio support to enhance student recognition and articulation of your skills.

“Overall, I highly recommend participating in this program to help build your career portfolio for future employment and further develop your transferrable skills. I personally enjoyed the workbook prompts because it encouraged me to self-reflect on my skills while thinking of manageable steps to further improve them as well. Thank you again for building this informative and valuable course for us!” -Kristal Mae P.


Students from FUSION Partnering Programs: Students from local partnering programs are enrolled in a FUSION skill-development course on Brightspace facilitated by the FUSION Project Officer. Classes are offered in the fall and winter terms. The FUSION course is currently open to graduate co-op students and undergraduates that have completed the COOP 1000 course and are going to start a co-op placement in the winter term, those registered in the Act to Employ Program that will start a work experience in the winter, and those that registered in winter 2021 I-CUREUS and SaPP programs. In 2021, students working as mentors, coaches or workshop facilitators in the ESP/IESP programs are also welcome to register for the FUSION course.

Students from regular courses: Any Carleton student can participate in the FUSION curriculum if they are registered in a course that is using FUSION as part of its experiential learning component.

Winter term registration (December 15 to January 24)

Act to Employ, ESP/IESP, and Co-op students: The deadline to participate in the FUSION project for the winter term is January 24.

I-CUREUS: All students enrolled in I-CUREUS will be automatically enrolled in the FUSION course, as participation in the FUSION project is mandatory.

SaPP Program: FUSION is optional for SaPP students, and they can choose to participate when registering for the program. For more information, please view the SaPP program page.



If you have any questions about the FUSION project, please contact the TLS FUSION project officer, Ranilce Guimaraes Iosif, or fusion@carleton.ca.