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Beginning in September 2021, Carleton instructors will have a new HyFlex teaching option available to them.

Photo courtesy John Underwood – Purdue University

The Hybrid-flexible (HyFlex) teaching model is intended to provide an option to instructors teaching small to medium class enrollments (no more than 60 students), whereby courses are delivered in person and online at the same time. Students choose how they will attend each class, either in person on campus or online via Zoom.

A HyFlex approach supports student-to-student and student-instructor interactions and participatory teaching approaches. The simultaneous offering of the course on campus and via Zoom is intended to provide students flexibility and allow instructors a method to teach students who may not be able to attend courses on campus.

A HyFlex model is not an acceptable model to increase enrollments in courses – rather every student registered in the section must have the option to attend the course on campus.

Example: A fourth-year seminar course with an enrollment of 30 students

Pre-pandemic, all students were required to attend the seminar on campus. The teaching approach used in the seminar was highly participatory – the instructor facilitated discussion and debate, students were responsible to co-teach modules, and students completed activities and problem solving during the class.

In a HyFlex approach, the instructor would be able to adopt similar teaching approaches and provide an option to students on a per class basis on how to participate (whether to attend in class or to attend via Zoom). In situations where significant numbers of students may be international, adopting a HyFlex approach could permit the international students to participate at the same time as the in-class students.

HyFlex learning spaces

HyFlex learning spaces allow for simultaneous face-to-face and online instruction and learning. Carleton University is updating 45 learning spaces to allow for HyFlex instruction beginning in September 2021.

These initial HyFlex spaces will not look much different than our current classrooms – the existing technical equipment (data projectors, document camera, in-class computer, microphone, etc.) will be incorporated into the overall design. However, the rooms will have added cameras and additional monitors to bring online students into the classroom via Zoom. Five of these rooms will also be operator assisted spaces where instructors have the assistance of an on-site technician.

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