Fall 2020

Carleton Instructor Carleton Course uOttawa Instructor uOttawa Course Faculty
Project 1 D’Angiulli, Amedeo NEUR 3303A: The Neuroscience of Consciousness Haustein, Stefanie ISI 6700/CMN 5595: Analyse appliquée des réseaux sociaux FASS
Project 2 Marshall, Dominique HIST 3111: History of Humanitarian Aid Lépine, Nicolas HIS 4397: la Guerre d’Espagne or HIS 4500: la Guerre froide globale FASS
Project 3 Matida, Edgar 3 courses in Mechanical Engineering Mavriplis, C. & Fenech, M. 4 courses in Mechanical Engineering FED
Project 4 Yu,  F. Richard NET 4007: Multimedia Networking El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb ELG 5121: Multimedia Communications FED
Project 5 Andrée, Peter  & Bittermann, Kim PSCI 3801: Environmental Politics Katz-Rosene, Ryan POL 3175: Ecopolitics FPA
Project 6 McGarry, Steven SYSC 5804 Abdul-Majid, Sawsan ELG/GNG 5301 FED
Project 7 Adrian, Melanie Is Religious Freedom a Human Right? Beaman, Lori Religion and Law FPA
Project 8 Richardson, Murray GEOM 1004: Maps, Satellites and the Geospatial Revolution Knudby, Anders & Sawada, Michael GEG 2320: Introduction to Geomatics FASS
Project 9 West, Leah INAF 5509: Law, Politics, and Economics in International Affairs & INAF 5234: National Security Policy and Law Forcese, Craig CML 3356: National Security Law FPA
Project 10 Milner, James & El-Taliawi, Ola PSCI 1501& PSCI 3608 Liew, Jamie Chai Yun; Bond, Jennifer; Mathieu, Fedora & Le Bouthillier, Yves CML 3397; Upper Level JD; DRC 4583; CML 4504 C; CML 4504 C FPA
Project 11 Connor, Kristin HLTH 4401: Maternal and Perinatal Bainbridge, Shannon & Saulnier, Ron HSS4102: Developmental Origins of Health and Disease FSC
Project 12 Xing, Tim BIO 3140: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (Fall 2020); BIOL 3205: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (Winter 2021); BIOL 4008: Molecular Plant Development (Fall 2020) Cvetkovska, Marina & MacLean, Allyson BIO 3142: Plant Developmental Biol. (Winter 2021); BIO 4142: Plant Immunity and Symbioses (Fall 2020); BIO 4144: Plant Biochemistry & Molecular Biol.(Winter 2022) FSC
Project 13 Khan, Ummni LAWS 3908 (Fall) Bouclin, Suzanne CML 3512; DCR 4729; DCL 3512 (Winter) FPA
Project 14 Jeyranlouie, Faranak GERM 2010 Alavi, Mohammad ALG 2901 FASS
Project 15 Leckie, Barbara FYSM 1004 Westheimer, Joel PED 3102 FASS
Project 16 Ra, Sheila ANTH 2850: The Anthropology of Development and Underdevelopment  & ANTH5190: Gender, Globalization and Ethnography Huggins, Chris DVM 3135: Food Security and International Development FASS
Project 17 Nikolko, Milana EURR 4100: Nation Building in Central and Eastern Tatar, Klavdia EuropePOL  3171: Immigration, Multiculturalism and Citizenship in Canada and Quebec FPA