I am delighted to welcome you to the website of the Office of the Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) (OAVPTL).

The OAVPTL plays a very important role in helping Carleton University achieve its vision of being a leading centre of excellence in post-secondary education, through pedagogical and technological innovations. Our Teaching and Learning Framework outlines the teaching and learning activities that will assist the university in achieving this vision.

The OAVPTL is committed to enhancing student learning by providing expert, research-based support to all individuals and departments seeking to create enriching environments that engage students, promote learning, and achieve success. This diagram demonstrates how the OAVPTL’s vision, mission, values, principles and goals relate to and intersect with various initiatives implemented by our partners and other units across the university. Ultimately, it demonstrates our commitment to helping faculty, staff and students to integrate teaching, learning and research within Carleton’s academic community and the wider local, national and international communities within which it is embedded.

The three main units that provide direct support for the OAVPTL’s teaching and learning services are:

Although each of these units has a unique set of primary functions and responsibilities, they work together to ensure that educators and students get the best service and support needed for their success.

I invite you to browse our website to learn more about us and contact us with any questions you might have.


Dr Joy Mighty
Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning)