Workshops will be held Online on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30pm for the 2021 Season



Wed. January 13 2021 Ideation
Wed. January 20 2021 Get to know your community, the problems they face, and how to best solve a problem with a mobile phone. You will also choose an app builder to build your app.
Wed. January 27 2021 Come up with a solution to your problem, and do some marketing research to make sure it’s the best solution possible. Learn some basics of programming.
Wed. February 3 2021 Plan out the best way to tackle your solution. Create a business around your app idea and write a mission statement. Learn about event handlers.
Wed. February 10 2021 Wrap up your idea with a project canvas. Solve your first coding challenge and learn about branding.
Wed. February 24 2021 Brand your app and learn about conditionals.
Wed. March 3 2021 Continue coding your app and create your business model.
Wed. March 10 2021 Learn about loops and sensors and write your business plan.
Wed. March 24 2021 Learn to code databases & APIs, and create your pitch video.
Wed. March 31 2021 Edit your pitch video and debug your app.
Wed. April 7 2021 Feedback
Wed. April 14 2021 Practice pitching your idea and prepare your submission materials.
Wed. April 21 2021 Follow a walk through on how to submit your idea and planning for after the season!