Our highest priority is the health and welfare of the Carleton community and our store staff. As we continue to monitor the global concerns about COVID-19, our team is responding to changing needs as they arise and adjusting store operations as required.

  • The Bookstore is taking steps to keep the environment safe and healthy by following the city, province and government public health protocols as guided by  Ottawa Public Health, the Ontario Ministry of Health or the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the World Health Organization (WHO). This includes increased cleaning of the store, frequent washing of hands and non-essential staff not coming to work. The Store Managers that are maintaining online operations are being provided Coronavirus awareness information, prevention and resource tips, and ongoing updates as conditions change.
  • All scheduled store events have been cancelled, until further notice.
  • In the event of a campus closure when staff are still permitted to be in the store, we will adjust our servicing capabilities to pivot the focus to our store website to support students, while mitigating further risk of spreading the virus.
  • The Bookstore is already extending FREE SHIPPING, with no minimum purchase, to the entire Carleton University community to fulfill any academic needs that may arise.

As we continue to monitor the ever changing COVID-19 situation, updates will be provided. Please refer to COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below for additional information:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Is the Bookstore open?
    • The physical bookstore is closed for sales, but our web site is still open for business!
  • I’m a professor teaching a course during the summer, how can I offer a textbook to my students?

Textbook Rental Check-ins/Returns

  • How do I return my existing rental textbook?
    • Currently the best way to return your rental text is by mail. To receive a FREE shipping return label, please email the manager at 0936mgr@follett.com with your address and phone number and she will email you a label to return your books to the store once the semester is over.
  • Because the campus is closed, I cannot bring in my rented textbooks, will I get charged for the textbooks due to missing the due date?
    • While the due date for rented books has not changed, The Bookstore has extended the period before non-return charges are charged because of this issue. The non-return charge date has been extended 15 days past your current return due date. To avoid late charges, please have your book in transit by the due date.
  • Can I BUY or EXTEND my rentals on the website?

Textbooks and Course Supplies Purchases

  • I need to purchase upcoming term textbooks and supplies; do I need to come to the store?
    • No, instead you can order from The Bookstore website, which continues to be open. We are currently offering FREE shipping on all online orders.
  • My textbooks are in a location which I cannot access due to COVID-19 restrictions, how can I get a copy of those books?
    • There are digital eBook options available for a number titles available through the store website, and we are working to expand this selection as quickly as possible. We are currently also offering students FREE access to up to 7 eBooks through The Bookstore web site.

Selling Back Textbooks (Book Buyback)

  • Can I sell my textbooks back to the bookstore?
    • As we currently have limited staff in the store managing online sales, we do not have the capacity to buy back books at the moment. If you are returning to Carleton, we suggest you hold onto them for the time being. Once we are back to normal operations we will be happy to buy back your books.