By: Sarah Langridge Bitar, EdTech Development Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Services

Have you ever been up a creek without a paddle?
Fell off a ladder, but it didn’t matter?
When life hands you lemons, do you grab a glass?
Or run and hide because that’s too crass?

We work and work and complain all day,
That we need a big increase in pay.
We need more help, support and guidance,
Where’s the library staff to check my reference?

At 10 I’ll see SES,
To review my finals, midterms, all tests.
Then after that, I have a call,
With ITS for a Zoom install.

What’s next? My class, why yes of course,
Time to talk about codes known as Morse.
The things I love and have spent my life learning,
The term is almost done, so listen up, I won’t be returning.

But during class, things go sideways,
And now I’m stressed about the due essays.
To TLS my emails fly,
And they send some answers in reply.

Troubles! How many have I seen?
If only it was all a dream.
I hope tomorrow will be easier,
No, I have those reports to mark, the mountain is meteor.

I’m figuring out how to be a learner,
Who I am, where I belong and if this new oven has a fifth burner.
Next thing I know, my life is flipped,
Feels like I’m in the deep end, have I slipped?

No home, free food or friends around,
Time to lay my own unique path down.
The logical step is education,
But it’s just me, the books and isolation.

With a full course load, I’m beginning to struggle,
I have so many things to try and juggle.
Crap! Was that due today? I missed the date,
And that prof has a serious policy about being late.

I have 14 papers, three assignments and a discussion post,
All to be completed by Friday, at most.
Oh darn! And classes, how many hours this week?
Twelve to 15, I think.

I am organized, I swear I am!
But I have laundry, groceries and need to cook that ham.
How can I do all of this? I really miss my mom,
My head feels like a ticking bomb.

Life simple? No, challenges are everywhere,
But it only takes one person to demonstrate care.
To flex a little and help a life,
To get us all through our grieves and strives.

Have compassion for others and remember to help each other out in a world of uncertain times. Your patience and understanding may immensely help the person on the other side of the screen. Thank you for all the hard work done by the support staff and the instructors each and every day.

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