1. What do I need to teach in an ALC?
  2. ALC Hours of Operation
  3. Support

Carleton proudly boasts two active learning classrooms (ALCs).These state-of-the-art learning spaces are equipped with wireless projection, multi-display functions, and student-centered furniture, layout, and design.

If you are an instructor who will be teaching in one of the ALCs, it is strongly recommended that you book a one-on-one orientation of the classroom technology. You can also learn more about your classroom below by selecting your classroom:

What do I need to teach in an ALC?

While the active learning classrooms boast a wide range of technologies, you may want to consider the following checklist before teaching in one of the rooms.

ALC Checklist
Campus Card Contact us to be added to the access list
MC1 / CUNET account Create an account using the online system
Orientation We recommend that instructors book a classroom orientation session
Identify the number of students using laptops We will work closely with instructors to ensure students are able to connect to the various displays in each room. Contact us for cables/adapters for laptop/tablet.
Fully charged laptop/tablet There are several AC outlets available throughout the room, but to utilize the wireless podium in the room (and just as good practice), come to class with your battery fully charged.

ALC Hours of Operation

Days Hours
Weekdays 24 hour access (starting on Monday 6 a.m.) while classes are in session
Fridays Only available until 7 p.m. while classes are in session
Weekends and holidays Special access required – contact Timetabling for access


Reach out to us if you’re looking for technical and pedagogical support for teaching in an ALC. If you’re interested in teaching in one of these spaces, please contact Timetabling at timetabling@carleton.ca.