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In TB 431, there are a number of movable tables and chairs that seats 51, allowing instructors to arrange the room to best suit their delivery method.  Instructor notes can be displayed from the large interactive flat-screen monitor adjacent to the teaching console, or throughout the room on several wall-mounted displays. Alternatively, students can display their devices locally on the wall-mounted displays.

Also around the room are several dry-erase whiteboards that students can use to brainstorm individually or collaborate and share as a group.

Virtual Tour

Classroom Technology

The chart below provides a quick synopsis of the technology you will find in TB431.

Teaching Console Student Displays
80″ interactive display 70″ flatscreen
Dell desktop touch monitor HDMI laptop connection
Console computer Control keypad
Ceiling-mounted document camera  Dry-erase whiteboards
Blu-ray player
Touch panel control
Roving podium with wireless HDMI connector

Images and Floor Plan

Book an Orientation

If you are an instructor who will be teaching in Tory 431, we recommend that you book a one-on-one orientation so you can better familiarize yourself with the classroom technology in this specialized learning space.