Photo of Carter Elwood

Carter Elwood

Carter Elwood has been teaching at Carleton University since 1968. The Russian history professor has had decades of experience working with young minds in the nation’s capital. In 2013, he was one of two Carleton instructors to receive a Capital Educators’ Award based on student nominations.

Some of his main research interests are Lenin and the development of the Bolshevik Party and John Reed, the American poet, journalist and socialist. His extensive teaching career is bolstered by his impressive education record; Carter has attended Dartmouth College, the University of Edinburgh and Columbia University, where he received his PhD.

A lecturer by training, he says he likes to keep it simple when teaching. He endorses this simplistic approach with technology to help facilitate learning in the classroom. The root of successful teaching, he says, is to keep students interested in the material and engrossed in the history they are delving into.