Christopher Dieni

Christopher Dieni is a valued contract instructor within Carleton’s Institute of Biochemistry. He uses creative, tangible teaching methods, such as using a Slinky and footballs with laser pointers, to teach the complex fundamentals of biochemistry and keep his night course students alert. While teaching, Christopher hopes to bring students from the classroom into real-world applications, a talent his students praise him for year after year.

Because of his enthusiasm and innovative, and sometimes even entertaining, teaching methods, Christopher was honoured with a 2016 Capital Educators’ Award for excellence in teaching in the Ottawa region. Students come to him for mentorship because of his approachability and a burning desire to answer all questions that are brought to him.

In 2017, Christopher received a grant from Ursinus College’s Teaching and Learning Institute, known as the Grants for Pedagogical Innovation and Experimentation. Intended to support new curricular development, Christopher submitted a proposal regarding laboratory designs that better support lecture material.