Photo of Maria DeRosa

Maria DeRosa

Professor Maria DeRosa received her PhD from Carleton University in 2003. After holding an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship at the California Institute of Technology, she returned to Carleton in 2005 as an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and the Institute of Biochemistry.

In her teaching, she sees her role as that of a “bridge-builder,” linking the fundamental concepts of chemistry to real-world applications, as well as linking the tenets found in textbooks to the dynamic and creative world of research. She is passionate about teaching her students this way so they can have a greater appreciation for what they are learning. Her contagious passion for chemistry draws students to a greater appreciation and even love for the subject.

Maria has been recognized for her teaching efforts with a 2015 Capital Educators’ Award, which recognizes outstanding educators’ achievements and celebrates public education in Ottawa.