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    1. Change your MyCarletonOne password
  2. Faculty and Staff Intranet
  3. Email
  4. Carleton Central
  5. TA Management System
  6. Brightspace – Learning Management System
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  7. E-Grades
  8. Information Technology Services (ITS)
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To manage your courses at Carleton, you will need to prepare and upload your course syllabus, contact your students through email, post in-term grades, upload course materials and information online, and input final grades.

Wireless at Carleton is free for university students, instructors, staff and alumni. All you need is a wi-fi compatible device and your MyCarletonOne credentials to log in.

Your MyCarletonOne Account

Your departmental administrator will arrange for you to get a MyCarletonOne account so that you can log in to Carleton’s computers and access specific programs (e.g. Carleton Central). This account identifies you on the Carleton computer network and is required for a multitude of network services, including:

  • Your Carleton email
  • Wireless access
  • Brightspace
  • Computers on CUNET (your workstation, labs and kiosks)
  • The faculty and staff Intranet (includes information on your leave balance, HR forms and key links, including logins for Brightspace and MyCarleton)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Online travel and expense
  • Banner/FAST

Change your MyCarletonOne password

Before changing your MyCarletonOne password, be sure to disable all wireless connections. To change your password:

  1. Go to myone.carleton.ca
  2. Log on using your MyCarletonOne username and password
  3. Click the My Password tab
  4. Enter a new password and re-enter it to confirm
  5. Click save and log out

Faculty and Staff Intranet

The Intranet is a secure network that shares the latest in campus news and events relevant to faculty and staff. The Intranet is a one-stop shop containing important information – from your leave balance and often-used HR forms to job opportunities and key links, including logins for Brightspace and MyCarleton. Access the Intranet at i.carleton.ca.


Your email address format is: firstname.lastname@carleton.ca. This is the email Carleton University will use to communicate with you.

Carleton policy states that students should use their Carleton email account (@cmail.carleton.ca) for official university communication. They are expected to check it regularly for announcements.

Carleton Central

Carleton Central is the online centre for course registration services. All Carleton students, staff and instructors have access, but the functions they can access vary.

As an instructor, you can use Carleton Central to view:

  • Your class lists/pictures, room assignment and course schedule information
  • Personal work history, such as salary information, tax forms, benefits and pay deductions
  • Personal contact information, such as address and phone number

You can reach Carleton Central through the link on the Carleton homepage, through the Intranet or at central.carleton.ca. Log on using your 9-digit Banner ID (your employee number – or if you were a Carleton student, your student number). If you are unsure of your Banner ID, check with your departmental administrator.

The first time you log on, use your birthdate (YYMMDD format) as the password. The system will immediately prompt you to change the password. You will find class lists and timetables in the Faculty Services tab.

Note: The official class lists are displayed on Carleton Central. Although the Brightspace gradebook also provides a list of students, it only contains students who have obtained a MyCarletonOne account.

TA Management System

The TA Management System collects and manages information on graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants (TAs). It supports the tracking of TA allocations to academic units, subsequent assignments to course and non-course activities, collects TA areas of interest, and manages TA training requirements. It also supports the undergraduate TA hiring process, tracks historical trends and assists in the management of the overall TA budget.

The TA Management System can be accessed through Carleton Central. Access the full user manual here.

Brightspace – Learning Management System

Brightspace by D2L officially replaced cuLearn as Carleton’s learning management system (LMS) in May 2021.The new system will provide several key advantages, including a faster, more reliable system and 24/7 technical support

An online site is automatically created for all course sections at Carleton once registration starts each term. Simply add content and/or select from the many communication and assessment tools. If you choose not to use Brightspace, you can leave the course website empty. However, the university strongly recommends using Brightspace.

Brightspace provides an easy way to:

  • Upload the course syllabus
  • Distribute materials to students
  • Remind students of important dates
  • Release grades privately
  • Email students
  • Create discussion groups
  • Submit assignments
  • Provide simple quizzes
  • Provide a space for students to ask questions
  • Provide feedback
  • Create a community of learners

It’s particularly useful in making materials available to students. PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets, web links and SPSS datasets – any file can be placed into the online environment and made available to students to access and download to their personal computer.

You can access Brightspace from the link on the Carleton home page, through the Intranet or at brightspace.carleton.ca. Log on using your MyCarletonOne account.

Please note that if you use Brightspace, you need to advise your students in your course outline. For courses that are organized in Brightspace, students will have their mail automatically sent to their Carleton email.

Training on Brightspace

The EDC offers a variety of support and training options for you year-round. For 24/7/365 online support documentation, visit the Brightspace support site. For help with technical problems, such as accounts and access issues, please visit the Brightspace technical support page.


At Carleton, final grade reports (FGRs) must be submitted and approved through the E-Grades system. You can access E-Grades through Carleton Central, but E-Grades does not talk directly to Brightspace. To transfer final grades into E-Grades, you need to enter them manually or copy them into a spreadsheet application and then into E-Grades. For detailed instructions and other information, please refer to the E-Grades user manual.

Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS provides information technology solutions and faculty services to support Carleton’s learning, teaching, research and administrative goals. Learn more about how they can support you on the ITS website.


EDC – Brightspace Training and Support

E-Grades Support

Information Technology Services

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