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We’ve put together some resources to help your students succeed in online learning.

Carleton Online

Born out of CUOL (Carleton University Online), Carleton Online is the new hub for the university’s online learners. In addition to providing access to select Carleton courses through our VOD (Video on Demand) service, we’re providing direct support for students who are learning online. Our new website features a collection of resources to help students succeed in an online environment and connects them with other student support services at Carleton to ensure that they get the most out of their online learning experience.

Online Learning Orientation

Encourage your students to participate in the Online Learning Orientation, a short Brightspace course that goes through the nuts and bolts of learning online. The course features six lessons that explore various tips, including how to effectively manage time, how to optimize learning spaces, how to interact and engage online, and where to seek additional supports. Our online learning support team is on hand to answer questions about technology and what to expect from online courses at Carleton. Students can register for the course on Brightspace.

Online Learning Webinars

Carleton Online and the Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS) are hosting webinars on tips and resources to help students succeed in their summer online courses. They’ll also have the chance to ask questions about online learning. Upcoming webinar offerings are posted here.

Top 10 Tips

Our Top 10 tips to help students study online provides quick, high-level advice on how to be successful in online courses.

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