The Transportation Policy and Innovation Centre (TPIC) was named a Carleton University Research Centre in May of 2016. TPIC runs as a centre of excellence in public policy with 4 concentrations, all under the umbrella of innovation:

  1. Trade and economic development
  2. Urban transportation and infrastructure
  3. Governance, with a focus on regulatory
  4. Security

We are interdisciplinary

While public policy is a discipline in its own right, TPIC’s work is informed by and integrated with 11 other disciplines:

  1. in­ter­na­­tio­nal trade rela­tions
  2. political science
  3. regulatory governance
  4. urban affairs
  5. infrastructure
  6. eco­nom­ics
  7. business
  8. engineering/physics/math­emat­ics
  9. geography
  10. safe­ty and secur­ity
  11. law

What we do

We endeavour to:

  1. Provide an environment where lateral thinking occurs regularly and consistently, and where out-of-the box ideas are generated and tested to help policy-makers leapfrog conventional methods of solution that are no longer working adequately.
  2. Bridge industry, government and academic communities to inform policy decisions.
  3. Critically examine opportunities, e.g., as made possible by disruptive technologies and other forms of innovation.
  4. Critically examine the field of public policy itself regarding opportunities for innovation in the way it is practiced in transportation.
  5. Evaluate infrastructure investments for transportation in terms of policy impacts, including the processes and criteria by which they are decided, and the results they produce.
  6. Critically examine the relationship between international trade performance and the quality of the transportation system, including its governance.
  7. Integrate public policy with other disciplines in order to
    1. crystallize issues from areas of public policy that need these other disciplines’ insight; and
    2. infer and synthesize options and opportunities that arise from these disciplines’ insight.