Lot P5

How will Parking Lot 5 permit holders (located behind Athletics) be affected by the construction of the new Stadium Way construction?

Parking Lot 5 (P5) permit holders should not be adversely impacted by the construction. There will be sufficient parking spaces left in service to accommodate all permit holders. Entering and exiting lot P5 may be slower due to the construction, but access will be maintained.

Hog’s Back Road

While the swing bridge is under construction, will Hog’s Back Road between Colonel By and Riverside remain open?

Yes. Hog’s Back Road between Colonel By and Riverside will remain open while the swing bridge is under construction. It is only Hog’s Back Road between Prince of Wales and Colonel By that will be closed to vehicular traffic. For information about the swing bridge and fixed bridge closures, visit: http://ncc-ccn.gc.ca/projects/rehabilitation-of-the-hogs-back-swing-bridge

Raven Road Proposed Extension

Where will the Raven Road extension meet Bronson Avenue? Will a traffic light be installed there? How will the pedestrian and bicycle routes through and approaching campus be affected?

The extension will meet Bronson Avenue directly in line with Raven Road. Traffic signals will not be installed at the juncture and there are no changes that would affect cyclists or pedestrians, as they will continue to have the right of way.

Still Have Questions?

A working group has been established to give advice on implementing the Transportation Plan that is being developed. Please submit any questions you have about road closures, changes to transit or the Transportation Plan to the working group by filling out the form located here.