The New System

Concur will be hosting the new system which includes paperless, time-saving features that take advantage of current technology.  Concur currently works with over 40 other Canadian universities and colleges.

To choose Concur, an extensive evaluation took place in 2017 with both faculty and staff engaged in the selection process.  Moving forward, a Travel and Expense System Advisory Committee has been guiding the implementation of the system.

We visited departments and faculties in April and May 2019 to present a sneak peak at the new system.

New Features Offered by the Concur System

Click here to learn more about the new features offered by the Concur System.

Why Are We Getting a New System?

  • The current travel and expense system is end of life and unsupported by the company that created it (i.e. if it breaks we cannot fix it).
  • The current system runs on Flash, which will no longer work as of December 31st, 2020.


The new system is being rolled out this fall, department by department.  Once a department has received tools, support and training for the new system, they will be given access to the new system. Until then, they will continue to use the old system.