Unless also listed as an Adjunct Research Professor or Affiliated Faculty, Contract Instructors are not eligible to supervise undergraduate or graduate students.

Important Notes on the Collective Agreement

All postings are pursuant to Article 16.3 of the CUPE 4600 Unit 2 Collective Agreement. All incumbents MUST apply for each specific course(s) as per CUPE 4600 Unit 2 collective agreement Article 15.3. A note to all applicants: As per Articles 16.3 and 16.4 in the CUPE 4600-2 Collective Agreement, the posted vacancies listed above are first offered to applicants meeting the incumbency criterion. A link to the current CUPE 4600-2 Collective Agreement can be found at the Employment Agreements webpage on the Carleton University Human Resources website (http://carleton.ca/hr/wp-content/uploads/CUPE_4600_u2.pdf).

Summer 2017

Term* Subject Course Sec Title Instructor
S1 TSES 4003 A Technology and Society: Innovation John Milton
S1 TSES 4008 A Environmentally Harmonious Lifestyles John Buschek
S1-S2 TSES 2305 A Ancient Science and Technology Gordon Deinstadt
S2 TSES 4002 A Technology and Society: Forecasting Rita Donovan
S2 TSES 4010 A Special Topics: Ecology and Culture  George Harrison

*S1= Early Summer, S2=Late Summer.

Fall 2016

Term  Subject Course Sec Title Instructor
F\W TSES 2350 A Ancient Science and Technology George Harrison
Fall TSES 4001 A Technology and Society; Risk Anne Wiles
Fall TSES 4007 A Product Life Cycle Analysis Brian Burns
Fall TSES 4014 A Technology and Society; Time Peter Watson

Winter 2017

Term  Subject Course  Sec Title  Instructor
F\W TSES 2305 A Ancient Science and Technology George Harrison
Winter TSES 4005 A Information Technology and Society  Patrick Warner
Winter TSES 4011 A Technology and Society: Development Edith Gingras\Patrick Warner
Winter TSES 4012 A Science & Fiction: Creating Tomorrow  Rita Donovan