University Services is a team unlike any other on this campus. Individually, in our units, and as a department, we serve our students, faculty members and fellow colleagues in a variety of ways, making an impact on their lives every day. Together, we show we care, set the example, and strive to be the best.

Each of us has a meaningful role to play, and keeping up with changing requirements and increased demands on our time can be challenging. Investing in our own development often falls off our priority list, but to be the best, we need to continue to learn and grow, expand our knowledge, and acquire new skills to meet these challenges head on.

This year we are making some changes to how the professional development program is being run, and bringing new topics that were suggested by participants from last year!

2019 Program Changes

  • You no longer need to register for all (or none) of the sessions, you can now choose any or all of the sessions
  • You must register for each session individually
  • Each session is being taught by a different expert in the relevant field
  • There will be more variety in the session formats; some may be lecture style, while others may be more interactive

This Year’s Topics

Questions? Please contact us at