Team Building Session Overview

Teamwork is prevalent in almost every organization, and University Services is no different.  This presentation is aimed at helping us improve as a team, with the following goals:

  • enhance the concept of team work within University Services;
  • allow for an interactive and hands-on learning;
  • support the stated values on the University Services website (Be the best; Show we care; Set the example); and
  • provide time for a meaningful debrief of the experience in order to reinforce learning linked to key concepts of teamwork including, but not limited to:
    • decision making;
    • dealing with conflict;
    • understanding the big picture;
    • building powerful teams;
    • trust and vulnerability; and
    • communication within teams.

To help us develop as a team, this session will include a team building exercise. To make the most of the exercise, participants will take part in a pre-challenge session where they will be briefed on the purpose of the challenge, what to expect during the challenge, and we will also cover some high-level information regarding the importance and roles of teams to set the stage.

While the challenges will be valuable and beneficial to the teams and the greater Carleton community, the hidden power of the experience will come out through the post-challenge debrief where we will break down some of the common themes of working in teams.

Registration is now closed. Please contact David Townsend if you have any questions.

Registration Availability: This event is only open to University Services employees.

Session Style: Active learning

Event Date: November 8th, 2019

Event Time: 9am to 1pm. Lunch is included with this event.

About the Instructor

Julie Caldwell has been a fixture at Carleton University for over 24 years. Prior to assuming her leadership role at the David C. Onley Initiative, she managed professional graduate programs at the Sprott School of Business; held the position of university secretary; served as chief administrative and accreditation officer as well as laid the groundwork for the Business Career Management Centre at the Sprott School of Business; and occupied a variety of roles in the central career centre on campus. She also is a contract instructor.