During the Winter term of 2016, both undergraduate and graduate students voted to extend the U-Pass program to Carleton’s Summer term (May 1 to August 30).  The Summer U-Pass is a compulsory fee for all students who are eligible, including students who are living in residence, who are in walking distance or who drive to campus.

The Summer U-Pass differs from the Fall-Winter U-Pass in one significant way. To be eligible for the Summer U-Pass you need to be registered in 1.0 credits whereas for the Fall-Winter U-Pass you need to be registered in 1.5 credits.  Graduate students who are designated as “full-time” are also eligible for the U-Pass.

When riding the buses or the Trillium Line, the Summer U-Pass functions in the same way as the Fall-Winter U-Pass.  The Summer U-Pass cost is $202.46 plus a $4.32 administrative fee.

Some exceptions do apply to the program through the Opt-Out process.

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