Picking Up Your U-Pass

The U-Pass is mandatory for all incoming exchange students at Carleton University and provides access to the bus and O-train.  Students can pick up their UPASS from the Campus Card Office, room 407 University Centre. Charges for the UPASS ($404.92+ $4.26 processing fee) will automatically be applied to the student’s account, upon registration in 1.5 credits per term.

Returning Your U-Pass

Term of Study

Drop Off Location

Drop Off Deadline

Amount of Refund if Returned by December 12

 Fall Term Campus Card Office – 407 University Centre  December 12 $202.46
 Fall/Winter and Winter Term Campus Card Office – 407 University Centre No drop off required NA

Officially, Exchange Students have until January 14, to return their U-Pass to get a 100% refund for the Winter U-Pass. However, most exchange students are leaving to go back to their home country, the University recommends that students return their U-Pass by December 12, so that exchange students can get a refund cheque prior to December 22; the last day the University is open. If you would like to get your refund cheque earlier, because you’re leaving before December 22,  you may bring your U-Pass in earlier.

You must return your U-Pass in order to receive a full refund. If you fail to hand in your U-Pass and you return home, and still want a refund, you will have to mail in your U-Pass, and you may incur costs to have your refund transferred to your home country. Arrangements in such transfers must be done through the University’s Business Office which is why we recommend handing in your U-Pass in mid-December.

Immediately upon returning your UPASS, please email student accounts from your Carleton connect e-mail account to request your $202.46 refund (Winter UPASS amount).  Student Accounts will not issue a refund unless an email request has been sent. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact student_accounts@carleton.ca or by calling 613-520-3626.