*** Recruiting for Fall 2023 / Winter 2024 ***

 Please read the following carefully.

I am currently looking to recruit one (1) graduate MASc student to undertake research on timber structures subjected to blast loads. This includes studying how timber members, connections, and assemblies behave when subjected to explosive charges, and simulated blast loads.

The project will entail conducting experimental testing in the lab and/or fieldwork, as well as conducting some form of modelling.


  • Must be self-motivated.
  • Must be comfortable working in a laboratory setting.
  • Prior knowledge of wood engineering and/or blast engineering will be considered an asset.
  • Prior knowledge on dynamics of structures will be considered an asset.
  • Prior knowledge on finite element analysis or computational fluid dynamics will be considered an asset.

When emailing, prospective students should compose a cover letter as text in their email.  The email should include the following:

  • Email subject stating: “Application for F2023/W2024 MASc Opening – LastName
  • your CGPA;
  • your research interests, and how they align with my areas of research;
  • list of peer-reviewed publications (if any);
  • funding situation and requirements;
  • relevant research skills and experience, and;
  • an up-to-date CV in .PDF format.

I will reply if there is a fit!