Our Team


Christine Riddell
Interests: Baking, Photography, DIY Projects

Program Coordinators


Sarah Garlough

Program: Computer Systems Engineering
Year: 3rd
Interests: Sailing, Robotics & Baking
Fun Fact: Shoots a hockey stick left, but swings a golf club right

Mathieu O’Brien

Program: Interactive Multimedia and Design
Year: 4th
Interests: I love to draw characters and create art. I make animations and play video games too!
Fun Fact: I love to cosplay and go to Comic Con every year!

Summer Camps Instructors

Heewon Suh

Program: Interactive Multimedia and Design
Year: 4th
Interests: Video Games and Photography
Fun Fact: I was in band for 3 years playing the flute!

Jordan Stumpf

Program: Electrical Engineering
Year: 3rd
Interests: I enjoy playing a number of sports including hockey, rugby, and football.  I also enjoy programming, DIY science projects, and building robots
Fun Fact: One summer I planned and completed a three day bike trip starting from my house in Kitchener to the summer camp I worked at, located near Pembroke

Caroline Lenarcic

Program: Aerospace Engineering
Year: 1st
Interests: Painting, Biking, Graphic Design, Cooking
Fun Fact: Placed fifth in a spelling bee and had my picture featured in the Washington Post’s “Best of 2006” photo issue

Brandon Knight

Program: Computer Science
Year: 1st
Interests: Gaming and Painting
Fun Fact: I love playing Just Dance

Kyra Bloomfield

Program: Biomedical and Electrical Engineering
Year: 2nd
Interests: Shopping, Crafts, and Electronics

Joe Figliomeni

Program: Architectural Conservation & Sustainability Engineering
Year: 1st
Interests: Sports, Video Games, Science, Music
Fun Fact: I can play 6 instruments

Natalie Smith

Program: Architectural Conservation & Sustainability Engineering
Year: 3rd
Interests: Curling, knitting, playing piano, walking my dog
Fun Fact: I have an irrational fear of ostriches

Kent Pham

Program: Mechanical Engineering
Year: 3rd
Interests: Speedsolving, Video editing, VR Dev
Fun Fact: My fastest time with a rubik’s cube is 13.90s

Hanna Bugler

Program: Biomedical and Electrical Engineering
Year: 1st
Interests: Hockey, Basketball, Baking/Cooking
Fun Fact: I have been coached by a former Canadian National  women ice hockey player.

Stephen Kroff

Program: Mechanical Engineering
Year: 3rd
Interests: Technology, being active, sports
Fun Fact: My favourite sport is golf!

Meg Schwellnus

Program: Industrial Design
Year: 1st
Interests: Reading, baking, travelling, sculpting
Fun Fact: My cultural background includes over 5 different countries

Adam Staples

Program: Software Engineering
Year: 3rd
Interests: Computers, games, lying in the sun
Fun Fact: I’m from Australia!

Maria Conway

Program: Networking Technology
Year: 2nd
Interests: Computers, oragami and music
Fun Fact: I like to dye my hair funky colours!

Connor Brackley

Program: Mechanical Engineering
Year: 4th
Interests: Fixing Bikes, Teaching, Brunch
Fun Fact: I can juggle and ride a unicycle

Sarah Collie

Program: Interactive Multimedia and Design
Year: 4th
Interests: Design, Comedy, Reading, Ultimate Frisbee
Fun Fact: Has been on 14 cruises

Alfrancis Guerrero

Program: Interactive Multimedia and Design
Year: 4th

Liz Davies

Program: Software Engineering (Computer Science)
Year: 2nd
Interests: Video Gamer, Programmer, and Musician
Fun Fact: Has a Bachelor of Music majoring in voice

Caelin Allum

Program: Interactive Multimedia and Design
Year: 3rd
Interests: Motion Graphics, Programming, Skiing
Fun Fact: Won the school science award in Grade 8

Summer Clubs Instructor


Rufino Ansara

Occupation: UI/UX Developer
Interests: Software and languages