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Our Team


Christine Riddell

Interests: Baking, Photography, DIY Projects

Program Coordinators

Kyra Bloomfield

Program: Biomedical and Electrical Engineering
Year: 3rd
Interests: Shopping, Crafts, and Electronics

Adam Staples

Program: Software Engineering
Year: 4th
Interests: Computers, games, lying in the sun
Fun Fact: I’m from Australia!

Summer Camps Instructors

Brandon Knight

Program: Computer Science
Year: 2nd
Interests: Gaming and Painting
Fun Fact: I love playing Just Dance

Kyle Knobloch

Program: Computer Science
Year: 1st
Interests: Building Computers, Photoshop, Microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi and hockey!
Fun FactI’m fluent in American Sign Language!

Erika Valecillos

Program: Civil Engineering
Year: 2nd
Interests: Travelling, Arts&Crafts, Dancing, Swimming, Soccer
Fun Fact: I’m from Venezuela so Spanish is my first language

Meg Schwellnus

Program: Industrial Design
Year: 2nd
Interests: Reading, cooking and baking, being outdoors and traveling
Fun Fact: I have a 4 octave vocal range!

Amanda McLeod

Program: Interactive Multimedia and Design
Year: 2nd
Interests: Hockey, Woodshop DIYs, Anything Tech, Tattoo design, Drones
Fun Fact:

Connor Ruprecht

Program: Sustainable & Renewable Energy Engineering
Year: 2nd
Interests: Nature, energy, green technology
Fun Fact: My initials spell out CAR. Vroom vroom!

Baillie Noell

Program: Aerospace Engineering: Space Systems Design
Year: 1st
InterestsBooks, Space, and Trivia Games
Fun FactAll of my names contain double letters!

Jordan Stumpf

Program: Electrical Engineering
Year: 4th
Interests: DIY, Hockey, Programming, Electronics, Being Social
Fun Fact: In 2008 I started my own business that I just sold this year!

Cole Hoffman

Program: Architectural Conservation & Sustainability Engineering
Year: 2nd
Interests: Video Games, Sports, and Fitness
Fun Fact: I’m a second degree black belt in Taekwondo and have won 3 gold medals for team Canada at Canadian Open Tournaments

Lauren Soulsby

Program: Mechanical Engineering
Year: 2nd
Interests: Volleyball, travelling, baking
Fun Fact: I participated in the Guinness Book of World Records Largest Square Dance!

Keely Gibb

Program: Aerospace Space Systems and Design
Year: 2nd
Interests: Reading, drawing, board games
Fun Fact: I went to Nationals for track and field 3 times

Nick de Angelis

Program: Biomedical Mechanical Engineering
Year: 3rd
Interests: MMA, Piano, Soccer
Fun Fact: I teach piano!

Hanna Bugler

Program: Biomedical and Electrical Engineering
Year: 2nd
Interests: Hockey, cooking/baking and being at the cottage
Fun Fact: I have been coached by a former Canadian National women ice hockey player.

Max Geiler

Program: Computer Science
Year: 2nd
Interests: Computers, Video Games, Dungeons and Dragons, and Quidditch
Fun Fact: I am keeper for Carleton Universities Quidditch team

Joe Figliomeni

Program: Architectural Conservation & Sustainability Engineering
Year: 2nd
Interests: Music, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Video Games, Science, Engineering
Fun Fact: I can play 6 instruments!

Julia Smyth

Program: Environmental
Year: 2nd
Interests: Crafting, reading, swimming, soccer
Fun Fact: I did Grade 12 at the Ontario Science Centre!

Jessica Schmid

Program: Biomedical & Electrical Engineering
Year: 2nd
Interests: Soccer, travelling, biking
Fun Fact: I can juggle and ride a unicycle!

Tristan Arnold-Paquette

Program: Interactive Multimedia and Design
Interests: Drawing, design, video games and snowboarding
Fun Fact:I can juggle and ride a unicycle!

Summer Clubs Instructors


Rufino Ansara

Occupation: UI/UX Developer
Interests: Software and languages