Our Team


Christine Riddell

Occupation: Engagement and Outreach Coordinator, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Carleton Univeristy

Interests: Baking, Photography, DIY Projects

Program Coordinators

Kyra Bloomfield

Program: Biomedical and Electrical Engineering
Year: 4th
Interests: Shopping, Crafts, and Electronics

Nick de Angelis

Program: Biomedical Mechanical Engineering
Year: 4th
Interests: MMA, Piano, Soccer
Fun Fact: I teach piano!

InSTEM Coordinator

Connor Ruprecht

Program: Sustainable & Renewable Energy Engineering
Year: 3rd
Interests: Nature, energy, green technology
Fun Fact: My initials spell out CAR. Vroom vroom!

Girls Outreach Coordinator

Kyra Bloomfield (again!)

Saturday Clubs Instructors

Brandon Knight

Program: Computer Science
Year: 2nd
Interests: Gaming and Painting
Fun Fact: I love playing Just Dance


Rufino Ansara

Occupation: UI/UX Developer
Interests: Software and languages