With students spending more time learning from home, we would like to provide opportunities to participate in workshops that we would typically deliver in-person at local schools!

Join us on Friday mornings for a range of curriculum-linked and STEM topics with hands-on activities!

All workshops will requires a device with Internet, a camera, and a microphone. Additional requirements for each workshop can be found below!

If you are a teacher, with a full class online, book a group session here.

Workshop Offerings:

Date and Time


Workshop Name



Friday Oct 16th 9am-11am Grade 3-6 TinkerCAD Coding Using TinkerCAD Codeblocks, a visual programming tool, students will learn the basics of the coordinate system and 3D modelling to create moving designs. 
  • Laptop with Internet
  • Highly recommended: mouse
Friday Oct 30th 9am-11am Grade 3-5 Engineering Structures Civil engineers work to create strong, stable structures that can withstand powerful forces from nature. Students will learn about forces, weight, pressure and motion by participating in an engineering challenge to test constructions to their limits! 
  • Uncooked spaghetti OR toothpicks
  • Marshmallows OR play-dough
  • Highly recommended: Printer & Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
Friday Nov 13th 9am-11am Grade 8-10 Coding with Python Children will begin to put their logical thinking to the test with Python. Learn about functions, conditional programming and begin to work with the syntax of an industry standard language! 
  • Laptop with Internet
Friday Nov 27th 9am-11am Grade 3-6 Clean Water Students will learn about the sources and effects of water contamination in the environment. By building their own water purification systems, students will recognize the importance of water quality and get inspired to work towards the engineering challenges in water treatment processes. 
  • Registration required before Nov. 16th to receive your kit of supplies (Ottawa only)

Please review our virtual engagement policies before proceeding to register.
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