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What is a Virtual Camp Kit?

A Virtual Camp Kit will be the complete camp experience – at home! You’ll be provided the activities & supplies (delivered to your home), video tutorials & demonstrations, Instructors to answer questions, and more!

We estimate the activities should provide 1-3 hours of play a day for about 5 days.

What is included?

  • All supplies required for activities (even tape, all you may need is your own scissors!)
  • Activity booklet (with steps & instructions)
  • YouTube videos with tutorials & demonstrations
  • Access to Google Classroom with resources and connecting with Instructors

How will I receive my kit?

  • Your kit will be delivered right to your home (Ottawa delivery only – Manotick, Orleans etc. included)
  • Deliveries will begin as early as July 2, then be sent out on a weekly basis (details to come)
  • Kit Cost includes delivery!

What type of activities will be in the kit?

The type of activities will be based on the type of kit you choose! Each kit will have a mix of activities covering Science experiments, Engineering challenges, programming, and more!

There are 4 kit topics: general STEM, engineering, all-girls, and programming. Click here to see more details about our kits

Are there bursaries available?

Yes, just like our in-person summer camps, we will have bursaries available based on financial need! We know this is a challenging time – please don’t be shy in asking for help.


Can I purchase more than 1 kit?

  • Absolutely!

Can I purchase more kits later in the summer?

  • Yes! Kits purchased after our summer season has started (July 6) will be sent out for delivery once a week.

When can I start the activities?

  • As soon as you receive your kit! Your kit will include instructions to access the online tools, which can be accessed at your convenience.

What if my kit isn’t delivered on time?

  • We are using a local delivery company, to avoid delivery delays as much as possible. To account for potential delays, you can access all of the online resources as soon as your kit is delivered (rather than on a set camp schedule). Email us at with any delivery issues.

Will there be live online engagement?

  • We’re still working on this! Let us know if this is of interest (, we’d love to hear your feedback.

How can I get help with activities?

  • Our Instructors will be available to respond to issues and help needed with activities! More details on this to come.

Will kits have a capacity/sell out?

  • We will start with an initial capacity for each kit, but if there is a greater demand (i.e. we sell out) we would likely add additional capacity or a waitlist while we source more supplies.

How much does a kit cost?

  • $75/kit (including taxes & delivery)