Registration is now open for May & June!

Spring Workshop Package:

Virtual Options:

Online Only Online Only workshops are computer-based lessons that only need a computer or laptop. If your school already has access to this equipment, then you are all set! If your school does not have access to this equipment, then it can be rented through Virtual Ventures.


Supply Rental Supply Rental workshops are technology-based lessons that require a certain piece of equipment. The equipment required can be rented through Virtual Ventures, will be dropped off and picked up at your location (details below).


Drop off Supplies Drop off Supplies workshops are engineering or science lessons that need craft or science supplies. All supplies needed will be dropped off by Virtual Ventures and can be kept by the students.


Workshops can be booked Monday-Friday between 9:00am-4:00pm (contact us for after school program availability).

Virtual Ventures offers a variety of dynamic in-class school workshops, at low cost to schools. Each Virtual Ventures workshop is between 1.5-3 hours in length (specified in package), led by two university instructors and intended for 20-30 students.

Workshops are hands-on, fun, interactive, and have been designed in consideration with the Ontario curriculum. We have suggested grade levels and subjects applicable for each workshop, however, please feel free to email us to discuss if a different workshop may be suitable for your class. Many teachers use our workshops as a review of a topic, to supplement current class work, or as a cost-effective alternative to a field trip (with much less paperwork!).

Bursaries are available for qualifying schools, please contact us (see below) for more information on our free workshops.

Please e-mail us at with any questions about our workshops.