Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Coffee Break with Web Services event today.

For those of you who were unable to make it, here’s what you missed:

  1. We talked about the origin of Coffee Break and how awesome our web community is.
  2. We introduced our newest member to our team, Ehsan.
  3. We talked about the new template, training and support.
  4. Andrew talked about do’s and don’ts regarding your homepage, the limitations of our forms system and event archiving (future events are shiny, past events are not a good time).
  5. MK rambled on a bit about her favourite topic: Google Analytics and SEO.  We love Yoast!!!
  6. Andrew talked about presenting at WordCamp in San Fran and the power of social media.
  7. MK also went places.  She went to San Antonio for Eduweb where we were awarded ‘Best Alumni Site’ and learned about where we are at with Web Governance and Social Media.
  8. Andrew made servers sound interesting.
  9. We chatted a bit about the new Admissions and new Sprott websites.
  10. We ate cookies.