Thank you to everyone who came out to our event last Wednesday, February 22.  We hope you enjoyed the cookies!

We talked about upcoming AODA web requirements (with a demo of the neat tool we use to check that our sites are accessible), the new template (Mike and Danny gave an overview and showcased the new, very cool, responsive design), training and support and some of our latest accomplishments.

Here’s the rundown:

AODA: Web Accessibility Requirements

Website accessibility falls within the information and communications standard of AODA.  Section 14 states:

“Designated public sector organizations and large organizations shall make their internet websites and web content conform with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, initially at Level A and increasing to Level AA.”

  • January 1, 2014 for Level A
  • January 1, 2021 for Level AA

You can check these requirements out for yourself on the WCAG 2.0 quick reference website.

From a template perspective
The CCMS website template is now fully compliant with both Level A and Level AA.

This means clean code (names, roles, values, markups), colors are distinguishable, website is accessible through keyboard strokes, scrolling requirements met, consistent navigation and identification, handling of errors … and more.

We check using this code sniffer.

From a content perspective
Any new content created must meet standards.  If someone requests an accessible format of a section on your site, you must be able to provide then with the information in an accessible format.

What is Level A? For text, the focus is on making content navigable (page titles, links) and readable (using plain language).   For video, audio and images the focus is on making it recognizable (descriptions on images) and available on request (transcripts).

So this is coming, and you’re going to hear more about it.  But it’s nothing to get stressed out about.  If you do create new content, you just need to get into some new habits.   Remember, you don’t have to go over the old stuff UNLESS someone requests that it be made accessible.  There will be a form for them to fill out to request the info be made accessible.

And Web Services are here to help –  we’ve got:

  • writing for the web workshops (with tips for improved usability, accessibility and SEO)
  • blog posts (check out our 5 tips)
  • videos (coming soon)

If you know someone who is NOT on the CMS, send them to this form so that we can help to get them compliant.

New CCMS Template

Highlights of the new template:

  • Accessible
  • Responsive
  • Improved usability for you with an interface that is more intuitive

Have ideas that you’d like to see in the new template? Let us know!

Training and Support

We currently offer one on one or small group sessions.   We’re waiting on the new template to start up the advanced sessions again.

We’ll also be updating our documentation and video tutorials once the new template goes live.  There will be a lot of small changes (as mentioned) but mostly to make things more intuitive and easier for you.

We’ve got 2 new workshops!

  1. Writing for the Web
  2. Introduction to Google Analytics

Spots are filling up fast, so you’ll want to sign up through Carleton Central soon rather than later.

For support, call the Service Desk.  Last month we responded to 88 tickets with a 100% commitment time.  These requests help us to see what common problems are being experienced and help us tweak the template, and create documentation, videos and blog posts.


Check out our portfolio section for the latest Custom CMS websites.  We are also working on a new Current Students site.


If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section below!