If you missed yesterday’s awesome Coffee Break with Web Services and are wondering what was discussed during the event, not to worry because here is a quick recap for you!

During Coffee Break, Dan Brown gave us a nice review of Carleton’s new website layout. He talked about how the Search bar in the middle of the Homepage is now the fastest way to find pages simply by typing in a few letters and your website is sure to pop up in the results. Anyone whose site is not showing up in the Search is requested to fill out this form.

Dan also talked about what’s on the horizon for Carleton CMS websites and the CMS upgrade that is being developed with a huge focus on client feedback. The upgrade will provide new functionality, will aim to improve ease of use and will have easier access to analytics. In the upgrade, the new and current design framework is going to be rolled out to all websites to allow more room for text and to enhance the organization of content.

After that, Dan addressed some client feedback by looking at upcoming features such as:

  • Having Google Analytics in the WordPress Admin dashboard, so people can have a general review of how their website is doing.
  • Dragging and dropping homepage content blocks such as Events, News and Quick Links and moving them around the page.
  • Improving management of content for easier and accessible Homepage Slideshow and Quick Links. For example, if someone wants to set a page in the Third Quick Link Block, the page already on that block will not disappear, but would rather be automatically dragged into the Fourth Quick Link Block. The same thing will apply to the Homepage Slideshow links.
  • Improving listings, including photos and people, so they can be arranged chronologically and/or according to what you want.
  • Embedding Social Media tools such as tweets anywhere on your page for feedback mechanism.
  • Having reoccurring events show on the calendar.
  • Reviewing pages banner access for clients without the need to request it.
  • A possible secondary homepage theme.

Moreover, Dan took a look back at Carleton sites over the last 10 years and pointed out that there has been only one significant template change to Carleton CMS and the rest have been smaller enhancements along the way.

After Dan, Mary Kathryn Roberts gave us a brief introduction about the Advanced Web Workshops that Charlotte Bradley and her will be holding in December. Unfortunately, the workshop has filled up so quickly after Coffee Break, but you can still be added to the wait list. For more information and to sign up for the wait list, please fill out this form.

Finally, Dan mentioned the Accessibility Camp Ottawa.The 2nd edition of a11yYOW will be held December 6th, 2014 at 1125@carleton (Human Computer Interaction Building (HCI) here at Carleton University. For more information and to register for this camp, go to http://a11yyow.ca.

We hope you found this recap helpful. Hope to see you at our next Coffee Break!

Have a lovely day!