If you missed this month’s awesome Coffee Break with Web Services and are wondering what was discussed during the event, not to worry because here is a quick recap for you!

Web Services at a glance

Danny went over the services we offer.  These include:

  • Carleton CMS
    Hosting over 350 websites, support via the CCS Service desk, and we are currently upgrading the template.
  • Custom CMS
    We will no longer be offering custom CMS designs, instead the sites that require a unique look will reflect the latest custom design with a lot of customization available within the framework.
  • Carleton E-commerce Service
    This service offers secure (PCI compliant) transactions via custom web forms.  We’ve processed over $2 million in the last year and a half.

Web Trends

Without going into too much detail here, Danny talked about some web trends that are impacting us.  These included:

  • the changes to how Google ranks websites (Google loves fast websites, Google loves secure websites, Google loves quality content)
  • Internet Explorer is dead (all hail Microsoft Edge)
  • the ‘hamburger’ menu for mobile development
  • continued increase in mobile users
  • the future of tablets

New Carleton Template

This was a big topic at the event, and rightly so!  This is the biggest upgrade we’ve done in three years and we’re pretty excited about it.  Danny talked about:

  • Why we’re changing it
    New web technologies for developing and displaying websites, aligns with the Carleton digital rebrand (stared with the new Carleton.ca homepage), better user experience (both for site visitors and administrators)
  • What’s new
    It’s faster, improved mobile UX, it’s all about you, continues to be AODA compliant, and some great new features and upgrades based on feedback from our community
  • When and how
    Now!  Hoping to upgrade between 20 and 30 sites a week.  No downtime.  You’ll receive ongoing communication so there will be no surprises, but you won’t have to do any heavy lifting.  Invited people to sign up to be early adopters – for which we had over 25!

WordPress Tips and Tricks

  • new ‘Mine’ tab
  • easily embed videos and other content
  • paste to make a link
  • easily change your slug
  • image editing powers
  • screen options are per user

(We’ll have blog posts and videos about all this, so stay tuned!)

We then answered some questions, and, of course, ate cookies.

Hope to see you at the next Coffee Break with Web Services event!