Thank you to everyone who came out to our Coffee Break with Web Services event today.  We ate cookies, drank coffee, and talked a whole lot of web.

If you couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed:


stack of cookies

They were delicious.

And Danny’s presentation where he talked about:

Three core services.

  • Carleton CMS – hosting 350+ websites, full support from the CCS Service Desk, training and documentation, continual improvements and SiteImprove access
  • Carleton Framework Websites – used to call this service ‘Custom CMS’, it’s used for sites that have certain components that need to be addressed. There are only a handful of sites in this template.  All the custom sites are moving into this template.
  • Carleton e-commerce services – Andrew heads this up, it lets you take payment for events etc. it’s PCI compliant = secure = credit card companies like us

New template.

  • More modern, better UI
  • Improved development process, proper versioning and change logs that we communicate regularly
  • Mobile first is our strategy
  • Key top 10 features of the new template
  • Demo’d the hosted banners, you can submit your own photos
  • Demo’d the new shortcode functionality
  • New ‘Button’ short code

New big feature add-ons.

  • Responsive newsletter template – 66% of email is now opened on phones. We can help you get set up, just contact the CCS Service Desk.  You’ll still have to use your delivery mechanism of choice, but all you have to do is grab the code.
  • Knowledge Base – a nice place for keeping your documentation. Our CMS sites are great for posting news, events, and pages, but it’s challenging when you have hundreds of pages of documentation (like we do on the CMS website).  This takes the docs out of your site and into a separate installation with it’s own menu dedicated to your documentation.
  • Single Sign On – CCMS is the first service to move into this environment. How can you tell that the site is secure?  Make sure the green lock is there.


  • Continue to roll out feature and theme updates to the CMS
  • Introducing hosted thumbnails
  • New Intranet, you’ll hear more about this initiative in the future
  • Internal knowledge bases
  • New Carleton events site
  • Carleton Framework renewal


We’re offering three core workshops: writing for the web, search engine optimization and site content review.  Check out our website to sign up for upcoming workshops.  If you have an idea for a specific workshop that you’d like us to do, let us know.

You had questions. We had answers.

What is the best way to add anew video?

  • If it’s a single video, simply copy and paste the link from youtube. If you want to create a video gallery, you’ll use the short code to pull the group of videos in.

Is there a way for users to click on an image and make it larger?

  • Yes, the new gallery functionality does that.

Can the newsletter template pull in your news and events?

  • Yes.

Is the knowledge base available now?

  • Yes, contact the CCS service desk and we’ll set you up and get you trained.

Will our email system be added to the Single Sign On?

  • We’re going to work to get all of our MyCarletonOne enabled services in the environment.

Will events get thumbnails?

  • We can do this on the desktop, but not on mobile, simply due to the way the events appear on mobile devices.

Is the media link no longer available in the top navigation bar?

  • We will fix that.

Can you display deadlines in a calendar?

  • Yes, just create them as events.

Can we show past events?

  • Yes, you can set the date range of events that you want to pull in within the events listing section.

Thank you!

Thank you again to all who came out, we look forward to seeing you at our next event.