We had a great turnout for coffee break. Thanks to everyone who made it out!  If you missed it, we have a recap to fill you in on what we talked about.


Knowledge Base Meets CMS

Last coffee break we announced we would be offering  Knowledge Base websites. A Knowledge Base is geared to creating documentation, very much like a Wiki. You can see one in action here at the Web Services Help Centre.

We soon realized the features of the Knowledge Base would be useful on all cms websites. The good news is that they are now available for you to use on your own site – check them out below!

New Features – CMS 2.0

With the release of CMS 2.0, you can take advantage of a number of new features.  Such as:

  • Post Types: The biggest change that you will notice is that you have three new post types available to you. These allow you to create different types of content. They are FAQs, Files and Glossary.
  • Shared Categories Across Post Types: The great thing about these new post types is that they can all be tagged and categorized. This lets you pull particular bits of information into pages throughout your website.
  • Improved Search:  Search on the cms websites is now predictive. Start typing something into the search box and you will get suggestions based on the website’s content. This makes for a much better experience for users!
  • Dynamic Table of Contents:  You now have the option of having a table of contents at the top of a page that links to content below. This is a nice feature that helps users easily navigate long pages. You can see this on our CMS help pages.

Intranet for Staff and Faculty

The intranet will be a place where staff and faculty can go for news, access to services, internal websites, HR forms, and more. It is customizable so that you can display and easily access what is most useful to you.

Pia Chin was at coffee break to talk to us about it. She talked about the soft launch and testing phase that took place over October and November. People logged in, tested and sent feedback. Improvements were made! We look forward to the official launch which should take place sometime in the next few weeks.

Internal Websites

Internal websites are coming! These are password protected websites that will be private to Carleton staff and faculty.

These sites are for internal documentation, sharing processes, private information and on boarding new employees. For example, HR will have an internal website for employees. There you will find information on benefits, paydays etc. Meanwhile their public facing site can focus on recruitment.

Watch for the launch of internal sites in the new year!


Dan finished off Coffee Break with a few reminders:

  • Don’t forget to take advantage of hosted banners for your site.
  • Create responsive newsletters using the cms newsletter tool.
  • Single sign-on is coming (CAS). You will be asked to change your password more frequently.
  • The Carleton Framework is getting an upgrade.
  • We’re changing our name – CCS will soon become ITS!

Thank You

Thanks for joining us and we look forward to seeing you at the next coffee break!