With the release of CCMS 1.1, Web Services is happy to report that we now offer hosted banners.

What is a hosted banner?

Hosted banners are a group of images that are available to you to use on your upgraded CCMS website. They have been compressed, cropped and darkened to meet accessibility requirements.

How do I use hosted banners?

To use a hosted banner, login to http://carleton.ca/webservices/banners/ using your MyCarletonOne credentials. Browse the images (this library will grow over time) and grab the name associated with the image you want. You’ll then edit the page you wish the image to appear and paste the copied name into the Hosted Banner field.

Here is a short video showing you how to use a hosted banner for your homepage:

3 thoughts on “Introducing Hosted Banners”

  1. claire ryan says:

    Really cool. Looking forward to seeing more images!

    1. marykathrynroberts says:

      Thanks Claire! We’re pretty excited about this feature too :)

  2. These hosted banners are great! I would love to see more related to health and wellness, if possible to add to the to-do list ;)

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