5 years ago this Fall, ITS launched the CU Ecommerce as a pilot service. We are very excited that the service has taken off and become so popular across campus. In that time we have processed over $5 million in payments, built over 50 ecommerce websites, and hosted several hundred events, including nearly 100 conferences.

We are now pleased to announce some great improvements to the service

  • Going forward, CU Ecommerce will use the current CCMS template
  • All ecommerce sites are therefore mobile device ready – like any other Carleton CMS website
  • Added functionality means that we can control an inventory of events or items
  • Events can also be much easily pegged to dates, allowing, for instance, automated early bird pricing
  • The ability to offer coupons, payment by cheque, conditional pricing and even free registration, within the same form

What this means for you

From now on all ecommerce pages will be hosted on a new server, called payments.carleton.ca.

If you have an ongoing event we will move this to the new server and seamlessly redirect the current page to the new one. If you have an annual event, the next time you request that we reopen registration and payments, we will move your forms to the new server.

If your event is continuous and ongoing, when we cut over from the old server to the new (again, using a seamless redirect), you will have records of registrations in two locations: on payments.carleton.ca and on the old server at forms.carleton.ca. You will have to log into the old server to download a CSV file of registrations up to the time of the cutover. All new registrations will be visible on the new server, and you can log into this server to download a file of all new entries in the same way as before.

We will let you know when we move your ecommerce event to the new location.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at Andrew.Riddles@carleton.ca and if you need to request the ecommerce service please complete the form on this page.