Thank you to everyone who came out to Coffee Break with Web Services today. And a special thank you to Pia Chin and Chris Cline in the Department of University Communications for being our guest speakers.

We ate cookies, drank coffee, and mesmerized the crowd with pictures of cute fluffy animals.  If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a recap for you:

  • We support 502 CCMS websites, 26 Framework websites, 47 Internal Sites, one e-commerce solution, and one Intranet
  • You can now create your own forms but be careful what information you collect
  • Framework is for small sites with big impact
  • The Intranet is the place to be
  • Internal sites are great for process documentation, committee meetings minutes – basically any information you don’t want found on Google
  • CU e-commerce has transacted over $7.5 million
  • Need support? Who you gonna call? The Service Desk
  • Be like the Department of Communications: Use your analytics, set goals, achieve success
  • The future is bright and shiny

We hope to see you at our next one!

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