1. Obligations around ecommerce at Carleton
  2. Eligible Clients
  3. What the Service Includes
    1. PCI Compliant Online Form
    2. Daily Reconciliation
    3. Customer Information
  4. Associated Costs
  5. Getting Started

Obligations around ecommerce at Carleton

All Carleton University departments that accept credit card payments must process those payments in a manner compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).  One way that departments can become PCI Compliant is by taking advantage of the Carleton E-Commerce service.

Carleton E-Commerce is an in-house online payment service managed by Web Services, in collaboration with Financial Services.

CU Ecommerce also helps units comply with University policies and procedures around the handling of cash/cash equivalences.

Eligible Clients

Anyone at Carleton organizing a basic event which requires the gathering of information and taking payment. Examples include conferences, workshops, speaking series, and fundraising events. The service is not designed to manage complex event planning (for example, conferences where room booking or integration of membership databases are required.)

What the Service Includes

  • PCI Compliant Online Form

    The Carleton E-Commerce service provides a basic informational form which collects customer details before they are passed onto the third party secure gateway payment page to complete the transaction and then receive a receipt. This is fully compliant with the requirements of PCI standards, protecting your customer as well as the university.

  • Daily Reconciliation

    As a stipulation of taking payment by credit card, the university requires that any department or unit of the university make daily reconciliations with Financial Services. Finance Officers within ITS will complete this task for you. No spreadsheets to fill out for submission every morning! At the end of the event the process of disbursing funds back to the correct fund will commence. ITS will also handle all refunds and voids on your behalf.

  • Customer Information

    You can receive information pertaining to paying customers in the form of CSV files. This will enable you to track numbers of registrants, monitor choices they are making (for example, how many are opting for the vegetarian meal at the lunch you organising) and build contact lists for all registrants.

Associated Costs

The basic setup cost is $100. The financial service providers (the credit card companies, the university’s chosen the third-party secure gateway provider and clearing bank) all charge additional fees. The credit card fees are 1.76%, and secure gateway fee is 5 cents per transaction (including refunds).

Getting Started

  • Insure you have the correct fund set up with Financial Services
  • Complete this form to initiate engagement with Web Services