Congratulations on completing the Advanced Training modules! By this point, you have learned how to:

  1. Add and edit advanced types of content such as FAQs, glossaries, and files;
  2. Add videos, manage media using the media library, and access hosted images ;
  3. Add and edit advanced post elements such as tables, content includes, galleries, modal links, buttons, quotes, and anchors;
  4. Create forms and add them to pages;
  5. Create a newsletter.

If you have questions about your website, feel free to refer back to this training, or contact Web Services for support!

What’s next?

Keep practicing

The CCMS Playground is the training site where you can practice with CMS without worrying about making changes to your own site.

Go your own way

You’ve completed all of our official CMS training. If you want to learn anything further about editing your CMS page, we suggest that you go into your site and simply explore. Of course, if you want to do this without fear of making changes to your website, you are free to use the CCMS playground linked above. Good luck, and thanks for taking our CMS training!