1. Step-by-Step
    1. Creating a new Glossary
    2. Pulling Glossary Terms onto a Page
  2. Video Tutorial
    1. Transcript
  3. Try It Out!

A glossary displays the definitions of key terms. Using the Glossary tool, you can define key terms and then display them on a page. See this sample glossary for an example.


Creating a new Glossary

  1. Add a new Glossary using the side or top menu.
  2. Type your term into the Add Title field.
  3. Type the definition into the Response field under Glossary Content.
  4. You may also categorize your Glossary using the Glossary Categories menu.
  5. Save, schedule, or publish your Glossary.

Pulling Glossary Terms onto a Page

  1. Add or edit the page on which you would like to list your terms and definitions.
  2. Click Add Post Element located above the Content Editor.
  3. Click the List Glossary icon.
  4. If you have categorized your Glossaries, select which categories you would like to have placed on this particular page. If no categories are selected, all Glossaries will be listed.
  5. Click Insert Element.
  6. Publish or Update the page.

Video Tutorial


Try It Out!

Test out your Glossary skills by adding a new glossary and pulling it onto a page.

  1. Create a new glossary.
  2. Add a term and definition. You can pick something specialized in your field, or just define any common household object or food item.
  3. Add your glossary to a category.
  4. Publish your glossary.
  5. Add your glossary to your test page, ordering your terms by publishing date in reverse chronological order.
  6. Save your page as a draft